Is it reasonable to expect to buy a home after one year working?

Cactus Kate blogs:

Meet Sharissa Naidoo.

Sharissa Naidoo, 25, and her partner have been renting together for four years and say they are desperate to buy their first home.
“The concern is if we’re wanting to start a family and move into a house that’s more than one bedroom, we can’t afford that,” Naidoo said.

Naidoo recently graduated with a Masters Degree in Sociology.  

She is now sick of renting and expects the net taxpayer (you) to underwrite a home for her to live in with her “partner” (hate that word) of four years.
All of this, not even one year after her graduation ceremony in May 2012.
I think it is a good think Naidoo is wanting to buy a house, and unlike Cactus think there is room in NZ for BA and even MAs 🙂
But it is a valid point that someone who has been in the workforce for presumably just eight months, is not a good example of housing unaffordability. It is a step up from having the Labour Party Vice-President as the poster child for housing affordability though!
Even in the good old days, it took several years of dedicated savings to get your deposit big enough. Hell I didn’t buy my first apartment until I was 33!

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