Greens say they may legislate to over-turn the Auckland Convention Centre deal

The Herald reports:

co-leader Metiria Turei said the deal was “disastrous” but she had not yet sought legal advice on the implications of rejecting the deal.

She said it could become a bottom line in future coalition discussions between the Greens and Labour and the Greens would want the legislation repealed.

“Whether we can negotiation that with them in the future – we will see. The Green Party does not accept being held to ransom like this and will repeal this legislation if we get into Government,” she said.

Another sabotage attempt. It is true Parliament is sovereign, and could legislate to break a contract the Government has signed without any penalties or compensation. Likewise Parliament could pass a law to nationalise supermarkets, confiscate your house without compensation or whatever it likes.

However it is a sure fire way to scare investment away from a country. A major reason why first world countries are first world countries is because of respect for property rights and the fact people can invest in a country without fear that a change of Government may result in their investment or property being confiscated.

The Greens seem to be positioning themselves to the left of Chavez, and Labour are trying to outflank them on the left.  That’s good news for National, but bad for New Zealand as eventually they will get elected.

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