The Greens want 3D printing for NZ

The latest Greens policy:

The Blueprint For The Future, a digital manufacturing strategy for New Zealand, will:

• develop a digital manufacturing strategy;

• support and develop ;

• educate and empower students in the use of digital manufacturing.

So why do the Greens want NZ to become a 3D printing country? Is it:

  • a) so NZ can cope with printing 3D money for them?
  • b) so they can 3D print money printing machines for them?
  • c) To clone Laila and Clint for them, as they’re still mourning their loss
  • d) To build their own castle in their parliamentary office?

And how will this 3D printing future be achieved?

“The Green Party will institute a taskforce to establish a digital manufacturing strategy for New Zealand, one part of our blueprint for a smart green economy,” said Mr Hughes.

Oh, a taskforce!

I am personally a fan of 3D printing and think it has a great future. But companies can and will respond to the market opportunities it presents without the Government telling them what to do.

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