Who Northland would really be voting for if Winston stands – Ria Bond

If Winston does stand for Northland, National should beat home a very clear message. If you vote for Winston Peters, will not gain a new MP, Invercargill will.

Winston is already an MP. His office is in Whangarei (which isn’t actually in the electorate, but is close). If he contested and won the by-election his status would change from List to Electorate MP, which means NZ First would gain a new List MP.

That MP would be No 12 on their party list – Ria Bond.

Ms Bond is their candidate for Invercargill. Invercargill would gain an additional List MP, and would have one less MP than they had before Sabin resigned.

This is a crucial piece of information, and I can’t imagine the people of will want to reduce the representation of Northland in Parliament, so Invercargill gains an extra MP. The challenge will be to make sure they know this. So if Peters does stand, National should (in my opinion) make sure every household knows a vote for Peters is a vote for Invercargill to gain an extra MP at Northland’s expense.

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