Silly to blame a Judge for what her husband did 25 years ago

Stuff reports:

The Government refuses to say whether a High Court judge declared her husband’s convictions for manslaughter before she was appointed.

As she was made the Judge, not her husband, why would she?

Justice Rachel Dunningham’s husband, Andy Nicholson, was convicted of three counts of manslaughter in 1991.

In 1989, Nicholson, then chief flying instructor at Manawatu Aero Club, was taking a training flight near the Manawatu Gorge on 30 July 1989 when his Tomahawk aircraft collided with another plane while attempting a flying formation.

According to the official report into the accident, Nicholson had been simulating a dogfight at the time of the crash.

A tragic accident, for which he was charged and convicted of manslaughter.

only got her law degree in 1996. To suggest that something her husband did seven years before she even got a law degree should affect whether or not she could become a Judge is silly.

Shadow attorney-general David Parker said the conviction would not necessarily have to be declared as it would not affect her ability to do her job.

Good on David Parker for saying this.

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