So if they weren’t coming here, why are they appealing to live here?

The Herald reports:

The asylum-seekers who were shipwrecked after attempting to reach New Zealand have apparently called on the Government to help.

The group of 65 are now in a detention centre at Kupang in West Timor, after being turned back by Australian authorities.

Now photographs and a letter have been circulated, apparently by members of the group.

Some photographs were taken on the open sea, with one apparently showing an Australian Navy vessel.

Another shows a group with a sign that reads, “Please try to understand our painful life New Zealand Government and save our life. Please”.

People scoffed at the possibility they were heading to NZ, but this indicates that is exactly where they did want to end up. Over 1,000 died trying to reach Australia by boat. Hopefully we will not end up with similar death tolls.

Labour leader Andrew Little said authorities should investigate whether the group were genuine refugees, and if so, consider processing them as part of New Zealand’s quota.

That’s a great way to encourage a huge upswing in people smuggling and people dying at sea in unsafe boats.

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