If Trudeau was female, would the media be reporting how hot he is?

Stuff reports:

The muscled, shirtless man stands facing the camera, fists up in a boxer’s pose, with a large tattoo of the Earth surrounded by a raven visible on his left shoulder. The photograph caused social media to swoon on Tuesday over Canada’s newly minted prime minister, .

The day after Trudeau’s stunning victory over Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the global focus was not on the Liberal leader’s promise to withdraw Canada from the combat mission against Islamic State, or his pledge to run a C$10 billion ($11.4 billion) annual budget deficit for three years to invest in infrastructure, but on the apparently universal agreement that he was not just good looking, but model handsome.

I’ve got no problem with people and media stating the obvious – that Trudeau is good looking.

However I suspect if he was Justine Trudeau, and she received the same amount of commentary on how attractive she is, we’d have endless lectures and denunciations about how sexist and wrong this is.

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