Why not just stop listening?

writes in Stuff:

I’m so sick of Mike Hosking. All the eye rolls I have wasted on him, the shakings of my head, the human equivalents of the stunned faced emoji.

Has she ever considered not listening? It isn’t compulsory. There are many many radio shows you can listen to. But for some reason she feels obliged to listen to someone she doesn’t enjoy, presumably just so she can get outraged about him.

He is a character in our landscape with no redeeming qualities

Such harsh, bordering on hysterical, language.

and what puzzles me more each time he says something backward, is that he still has a platform in which to do it.

Now we get the true agenda. I don’t like what he says so I think he should be removed from the airwaves.

Hosking fans jump to his defence saying those against him need to lighten up and stop being PC, but those people are boring. They are trying to justify their own idiocy.

Everyone who disagrees with me is an idiot, is the shorter version of this extract.

I have a solution for Aimie’s problem of being forced to listen to Hosking, and the fact other people listen to him.

She should apply for a job with one of Newstalk ZB’s competitors and broadcast at the same time as him. Then she will be unable to listen to him, and of course the vast vast majority of radio listeners will abandon Hosking to listen to her instead.

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