Why have media ignored the female Maori spokesperson of Hobson’s Pledge

Casey Costello has made a fair point:

Hobson’s Pledge has, in only two days, achieved an astounding level of interest resulting in mainstream rallying to vilify and hiding behind racist taunts to avoid having a real conversation, spokesperson Casey Costello said today.

Despite all releases sent by Hobson’s Pledge naming Casey Costello, a driving force behind Hobson’s Pledge, as the authorised spokesperson, not one media representative has directly contacted her.

“I have no appreciation as to why my voice is not considered worthy of providing opinion,” Ms Costello said.

“The Maori Issues correspondent for Radio New Zealand, Mihi Forbes, directly approached as many members of the Hobson’s Pledge Trust as could be located and despite being directed to me, I was never contacted,” she said.

“The resulting article made specific reference to males of clearly European descent within the trust and quoted their comments. I am unclear whether it is my ethnicity or gender that made me irrelevant to her article,” Ms Costello said.

Hobson’s Pledge appointed Ms Costello as a spokesperson based on her experience, empathy, and ability to promote awareness on these issues.

“I have no doubt that my ancestry will be placed under scrutiny – whether I am Maori enough to claim authority to speak or even have empathy” Ms Costello said, “will no doubt be subject for debate.”
For the record Casey Costello is very specific on the point that she represents Hobson’s Pledge as a New Zealander with, as she reiterates, a proud Ngapuhi and Anglo-Irish heritage.

So the official spokesperson is a female with Maori ancestry, yet the ignore here so they can paint the group as white old men.

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