Latest poll

I’ve blogged the results of the November 2016 One News Colmar Brunton poll at Curia.

It shows National at 50% and Labour at 28%, or a 22% gap. Even with the Greens an 11% gap.

This is the same gap as Colmar Brunton had in September when denounced the poll as “bogus”. The October Roy Morgan also has the gap at 21.5%. So the last three have all had a gap of 22% between National and Labour and 10% to 12% if you include the Greens.

Yet Andrew Little insists the polls show Labour/Greens neck and neck with National.

There is only one way to resolve this dilemma. Last month he released Labour’s internal polling to try and discredit the September ONCB poll. He obviously should again release their internal polling now he has set a precedent.

If he refuses to now release his internal polling, you wonder why that would be? Would it be he only releases it when it supports what he is saying publicly?

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