Armstrong says a vote for the Greens is a wasted vote for changing the Government

writes in the NZ Herald: (welcome back)

If Labour turns out to be the party which secures the largest share of the vote and New Zealand First has the numbers sufficient to provide Labour with a majority on confidence motions in the new Parliament, then Winston Peters’ choice of partner will effectively be no choice.

Winston will go with Labour if they can get 61 seats between them – I agree.

If Labour still needs the on board, that could give Peters room to wriggle out of Labour’s grasp and reinstall a National-led Administration.

Yep. Very unlikely he will go with Labour if they are dependent on the Greens.

The upshot is that a vote for the Greens is now akin to a wasted vote for those who want a change of government.

That is the irony – the more votes the Greens take off Labour, the more likely it is NZ First would go with National not Labour.

Worse, it would be a completely wasted vote if the Greens fall below the 5 per cent threshold.

So voting Greens will help National either way!

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