TOP would lock you out of your own house – for life!

Stuff reports:

Gareth Morgan’s Opportunities Party (TOP) wants to make it illegal to kick out a tenant for any reason other than lack of payment or damage to property.

Totally nuts. So you buy a house, and put a tenant in there. A few years later you want to move in, and you can’t. You’re locked out of your own house for life!

Selling a rental property would not be a reason to get rid of tenants – any new buyer would need to take them on.

So the tenant has far far more rights than the owner. This will be a good way to destroy the rental supply. Who would ever want to rent their place out?

Rent increases would also be restricted so tenants could not be priced out intentionally.

Oh God he has gone full Muldoon. Price controls. Next it will be carless days and prescriptions for butter.

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