Bizarre – Winston demands you get a prostate check in order to get a tax refund

Some people have said dealing with the IRD can be like having a prostate exam. Now in one of his most bizarre policies, Winston wants it compulsory.

The Herald reports:

“Prostate cancer is a psychological condition more than anything else – mainly of men who need a good kick up you-know-where,” Peters told the gathering.

“Frankly, if I had my way I would have further compulsory requirements for every male in this country, so it goes something like this – your taxation is that, but you are not getting it back until I see you with an annualised check or a two-yearly check.

Is this really who we want deciding who gets to form a Government? Someone who thinks a tax refund should be linked to a prostate exam?

Why only require it of men. Will women have to have a cervical smear in order to get a tax refund also?

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