Nah it was the other bloke I was swearing at – yeah right

Stuff reports:

Labour MP has apologised for an incident that saw a Wellingtonian call him an “entitled douchebag.”

A Reddit user named “Cuthbertus” posted about the incident on the New Zealand subreddit on Friday afternoon, saying Eagle rung into their work and swore at them when he couldn’t get his way.

The full Reddit thread is quite interesting. It seems a number of people have uncomplimentary stories.

Eagle says the whole thing was a misunderstanding, and that he was swearing at people blocking his way into his office – not someone on the phone.

Of course. Happens all the time.

In a self-described rant this user said Eagle was “the most entitled, rude and disrespectful man I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with.”

“It says a lot about a person’s character how they treat those with less power than them and Mr Eagle thinks it’s acceptable to swear at and berate those he does not deem to be of his level.”

In the comments of the post the user clarified that the Rongotai MP “phoned into my work and threw his toys out the cot because he couldn’t get his way.”

It really doesn’t sound like something that was a mistaken conversation.

Eagle said he was talking to a panel-beater on Friday afternoon about getting his car fixed and having a polite but robust discussion about whether or not a separate piece of damage could be fixed at the same time.

This is intriguing. A panel beater will of course fix anything you want them to. But what they can’t and won’t do is fix damage from two different accidents, and bill them all together to an insurance company. Now maybe it wasn’t about that, but why would you be having a robust discussion about it?

Once Eagle was in the office he said he realised he had been hung up on and was confused. Later his insurance company rung to suggest he try a different panel beater.

Which sounds like the panel beater told the insurance company they wouldn’t take him as a client.

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