Shenanigans at Antarctica NZ?

Stuff reports:

An investigation that led to the sacking of Antarctica New Zealand chief executive Peter Beggs started with a complaint from a board member’s husband.

Beggs was sacked from his Government agency job late last week over unspecified serious misconduct and lapses in judgement after a six-week investigation.

Although Antarctica New Zealand chairman Sir Brian Roche has declined to provide any further information on the reasons for the sacking, details are starting to emerge as sources close to the parties reveal what happened.

It appears the investigation was sparked by Tenby Powell, the husband of board member and high-flying entrepreneur Sharon Hunter, who approached Roche with concerns about Beggs about two months ago. …

Roche then consulted with the board and brought in accountancy firm Deloittes to do a forensic analysis of Beggs’ spending records and electronic communications.

The analysis revealed serious misconduct which was put to Beggs for a response. He was unable to come up with answers that satisfied the board and was sacked.  

Powell, who was himself a board member of Antarctica New Zealand when it hired Beggs, is understood to have confronted Beggs.

Wow, is this a mess.

One can only presume (I have no direct knowledge) that something was going on between Hunter and Beggs. Why else would a board member’s husband be involved?

If correct, incredibly unprofessional of both the CEO and the Director. It undermines the role of the Chair, the Board and the CEO. No wonder things were resolved so quickly.

Of course it could be something quite different, but hard to imagine what.

Note I was a guest of at Scott Base a few years ago. I met Peter Beggs, who was well liked and respected. They run a great organisation that does amazing work.

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