Yes if you get a visible tattoo, some jobs will not hire you

Stuff reports:

A Tauranga woman’s decision to get a tattoo of Tinker Bell on her back six years ago has grounded her hopes of working for Air New Zealand.

Lynley Baker, 46, said she applied for a Tauranga City Airport part-time customer service role with Air New Zealand late last month, but the national carrier rejected her job application because of the tattoo.

She was told by the airline that the tattoo, which sits between her shoulder blades, would have been visible while wearing the airline’s distinctive “koru dress” uniform – a big no-no according to the airline’s uniform policy.

Baker, who works as a travel broker, said she was “disgusted” by the stance and accused the airline of discrimination.

It’s not discrimination. It’s consequences.

Most jobs don;t care if you have a visible tattoo. But some jobs do. If you decide to get a visible tattoo, then you won’t get hired for those jobs. That is not discrimination.

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