Brunei praised at UN for its human rights record

UN Watch reports:

Despite Brunei’s notorious new penal code that provides for the stoning of gays, nation after nation lined up today at the UN Human Rights Council to laud the absolute monarchy’s track record on human rights, as the country underwent a mandatory review that all UN member states undergo every five years. (See quotes below.)
According to a count by UN Watch, 61 out of 91 countries that spoke praised the government for its human rights record. An additional 21 countries expressed some praise for Brunei’s alleged progress, in addition to applying genuine scrutiny. If one includes these statements, then 82 out of 91 countries, or 90%, expressed praise for the country.
While the UNHRC’s mandatory review exercise is meant to scrutinize all nations every five years in order to improve the lives of victims worldwide, the vast majority of countries who took the floor today chose not to address Brunei’s atrocious human rights record, which includes criminalization of same-sex sexual activity, the use of caning and stoning as punishment, and strict censorship.

They announce they are going to execute gays and two third of the UNHRC countries praise them for their human rights record.

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