Otago Uni has nothing to apologise for

The Herald reports:

The University of Otago has apologised after asking its students an exam question about the ethics of representing a terrorist.
The question led some students to breakdown and cry during the exam last week after it brought back painful memories of the recent Christchurch mosque attacks in which a gunman killed 51 people.
One of those sitting the exam had a cousin killed in the attacks, a student told the Herald.
The question asked whether lawyers should be obliged to represent someone who attacked their place of religion, the Herald understands. …

Palmer also sent an apology on behalf of the lecturer who set the exam question.
“My intent was to come up with a situation where the cab rank rule would impose a truly horrific burden on a lawyer, leading to a discussion about good cause and whether the rule should be retained,” the examiner said. 
“I should have realised that the scenario I presented was likely to cause distress, and I am deeply sorry.”

I don’t understand why the University is apologising. If the students want to become criminal lawyers they will face potentially horrific burdens such as representing despicable people. It will be distressing.

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