How we can get a first class free trade agreement with the United States

The US is the only major market we do not have a trade agreement with, or are not negotiating one with. It would be huge for NZ exporters and consumers if we could get one.

And I think I know how.

President Trump has shown that he will happily and proudly use foreign policy to reward countries that screw over his domestic political opponents. So let’s do exactly that.

Here’s what would work.

The Maori Labour Caucus lodges a complaint with the United Nations Human Rights Council against Elizabeth Warren. In it they claim that her pretending to be Native American has undermined the human rights of indigenous persons around the world, and they demand various UN bodies investigate their complaints.

For good measure I’m sure they could get some co-complainants such as the Maori Council.

The United Nations HRC is so PC that they could never decline a request from an indigenous group, especially against a US politician. So they would schedule hearings into whether Elizabeth Warren has trampled the mana of indigenous people around the world.

President Trump would be so delighted with New Zealand that we’d have “the best” free trade deal you can get within a few days. Hell he’d probably even through in some military aid.

It’s a win-win. We get a free trade agreement, and we cripple Warren’s candidacy (which is good as she would probably lose to Trump if she’s the candidate).

So come on Willie Jackson. Start the ball rolling.

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