Taxpayer Talk: In the market, with Bevan Wallace and Can you put a value on life?

This week we have a back to back episodes of Taxpayer Talk.

In our first episode, what is quantitative easing, and why are markets in New Zealand and abroad seen a recent bounce after dramatic falls due to COVID-19? For an in depth look at how markets are responding – including their implications on housing and here in New Zealand, Jordan and Joe are joined by Bevan Wallace, Executive Director of Morgan Wallace. Bevan’s recent explainer on QE and inflation is available here.

In our second episode, the conversation around how and when to raise the lockdown has generated some unenviable problems for makers, none more so than how to value the lives of those saved by lockdown versus the and businesses it will destroy. Dr Bryce Wilkinson joins the podcast to discuss his latest paper, which helps to shed some light on how these calculations of life and death are made. You can read Dr Wilkinson’s paper here.

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