Newsroom says Boris has done more for the climate than Jacinda

Marc Daalder writes:

A politician takes over as head of one of the major parties of a small island nation, replacing a predecessor who had become increasingly unpopular, jeopardising the party’s chances at the upcoming election.

Then, as Prime Minister after the election, the politician surrounds themselves with climate activists and scientists and begins, in response to massive protests and a clear mandate from the electorate for action on reducing emissions, rolling out evidence-based climate policy.

That includes an ambitious plan to totally decarbonise transport, the banning of the import of fossil fuel vehicles by 2035, investment for electric vehicle charging statements, continuing the transition to renewable energy, requiring big companies to list their climate-related risk, requirements to upgrade the energy efficiency of commercially-rented buildings and millions of dollars to research reducing industrial emissions.

Although, at first glance, the above story seems reminiscent of ’s rise to power, the politician in question is actually and the small island nation is the United Kingdom. The key difference is in that last sentence, where the politician actually implemented policies that would significantly reduce emissions.

Good to see this analysis. All Ardern has done is set up a committee to advise on future policies. She hasn’t actually made any significant policy changes. Once again it has been rhetoric over substance, like with light rail and Kiwibuild.

Jacinda promised the Government vehicle fleet would be emissions free by 2025. Less than 2% are electric after three years.

Talk is easy. Results are harder.

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