So the Govt says the lockdown was advisory only for the first nine days!

Stuff reports:

Borrowdale’s counsel, Tiho Mijatov, told the court that some announcements, including from Minister Ardern and Bloomfield, went further than the legal orders permitted.

The ends did not justify the means, and the emergency did not create the power to make all the restrictions that were made, he said.

Even if the first order was valid, what was imposed by public pronouncement went further than the order allowed, he said.

The minister told the nation, “This has to happen, and there will be no tolerance”, he said. …

Casey said the Minister sometimes was Bloomfield’s mouthpiece, confirming the public advice. People were being asked to change their behaviour voluntarily, she said.

“You think it is much more likely that everybody stayed home and stayed in their bubble because people had been educated rather than that it was a requirement imposed by the government?” Justice Thomas asked.

The Government has argued in court that for the first nine days, the statements by the PM and the Police Commissioner were educational only. I remember being told you will be arrested or detained if you broke their so called advice.

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