What I would do if I was Joe Biden at 12.01 pm on 21 January

Biden’s strategy of trying to ignore what Trump and the are doing and calling it a stunt us misguided. If was Biden I would respond to what Trump and the Republicans are doing with the full force of the law. Here’s what I would do

  1. Announce your is Stacey Abrams or someone even more likely to prosecute those trying to steal the election
  2. Have the new announce that the Department of will commence an inquiry against Donald J Trump, 12 Republican Senators and 140 members of the US House for seditious conspiracy (section 2384 of Chapter 115 of Title 18 of the US code), namely conspiring to overthrow the Government of the States
  3. After gathering of evidence have a joint press conference with the of the States, the of Georgia, the Attorney-General of New York and the Manhattan District Attorney announcing a plethora of charges against Trump and his Trumpites.
  4. The most serious charges of seditious conspiracy is laid against all of those who tried to overthrow the election result and seek the maximum jail term of 20 years for all parties to the conspiracy

Nothing less than that will discourage them from trying again. Turn Trump’s rally call into a reality and lock them all up.

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