Life can quickly return to normal … if our government/population wants it too.

This article is the proverbial game changer and well worth a read and share. Here is a hint:

“Most importantly, he said, research has shown that the drugs are effective, helping 80% to 90% of patients who receive them to avoid hospitalization or worse.”

We should have this in barrel loads – at least for our vulnerable (high factor/Maori) and those in MIQ/MIQ workers.

It retains its efficacy with variants (which vaccines are not doing so well at) and is the pathway to international normality. New Zealanders will have to overtly demand the therapeutics as having them reduces reliance on government and control.

When gets it and is criticising the Left for their ignorance it is clear that things are about to move on. Will we be front or back to the change? Do we want problems or solutions?

Bill Maher – “Give it to me straight doc!”

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