Former Mayor wants 15% of the population to have 50% of the seats

Stuff reports:

Seats for Māori on all Taranaki councils is just a first step to full power-sharing, says the former mayor pushed for Māori wards. …

’m now asking you to truly step up and actually mandate true partnership around every council – actually around every community public entity. Fifty-fifty, there is no other way the partnership can work. Fifty-fifty. Until we get there, until you mandate true partnership with Māori, nothing will truly change.”

Judd no longer believes in one person one vote. He believes in someone with the right blood ancestry getting three to four times as many votes as someone without the right blood ancestry.

At least Judd is honest that he wants the votes of non-Maori to be diminished to 1/4 of a vote of Maori. Have no doubt others want the same goal, but are staying silent.

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