$2.75 million to an organisation that endorsed Labour

Hard 2 Reach is the company owned by Mongrel Mob member Harry Tam, that Labour gave $2.75 million to.

And here is what Tam wrote on the official H2R website in August 2020:

Today’s generation of gang members are the children from the era of the benefit cuts and low wages, thus the growth in economic and social disparities where the marginalised and unskilled commit crime to survive. It is for these reasons the gang community has only one option in this election and that is to vote Labour. Voting Labour not because we necessarily support Labour but we need to vote Labour to keep Judith and National out. When you look at the gang numbers we have a voice if we care to use it. Lets start using it now for our own survival and freedom.

No wonder Labour changed the law allowing some prisoners to vote!

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