At least the Maori Party are honest that they’re against one person one vote

Newshub reports:

co-leader Rawiri Waititi thinks Aotearoa could be the “best nation in the world” – but not necessarily as a . …

“We need to start looking at how Maori can participate more equally and equitably in that particular space in a tiriti-centric Aotearoa. Not in a democracy, because… democracy is majority rules, and indigenous peoples – especially Maori at 16 percent of the population in this country – will lose out, and we’ll sit in second-place again.”

Credit to the Maori Party for being honest that they want to abolish democracy in New Zealand and are against the notion of everyone having equal rights of one person one vote.

Their vision is what Fiji was after the 1987 coup A majority of seats (37 of 70) reserved for the indigenous minority. Anyone not indigenous was a second class citizen.

Not a country I would want to live in. I believe that having your bloodline determine your voting rights is wrong.

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