Update on the Govt not funding great schools, and the outstanding Gumboot Friday Progamme – Comedy from the PM

Yesterday, late, I added a post script re Hipkin’s refusing to even allow a superb application for a new school (non-zoned) and near a transport hub in Auckland (I have included it in here as many KBs would have missed Ardern’s comedian-like performance yesterday on why some things get funded.

With regards to the teacher aiding issue I have actually been impressed by both the level of media engagement and their understanding of what is at stake. Lots that is worth fighting for.

In the last 10 days I have had the privilege of working alongside two amazing groups of people.

1. Mike King and team – working with us in Russell, Bay of Islands, being involved in three events and doing an incredible job bringing his mental health message to the Far North (where it is desperately needed).

2. A group of courageous, passionate and highly informed parents as the Friends of Mt Hobson Middle School advocating for diverse learners across the country, putting their own stories in public and challenging the Minister of Educations view that a new school for 480 students near an Auckland transport hub is not needed because (his words): “the are available supports for all learners in existing State schools” and that a new school of 480 students would make “no material difference to the network.”

Both causes have gathered significant traction and remarkable public support. 
Those with the purse strings have preferred to fund a white elephant bike and footpath from Birkenhead to Ponsonby and a gang led drug programme. 

I have just watched Jacinda Ardern explain why: 

“Our position is to fund what works, fund what makes a difference.”

(40 secs into this: https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/politics/2021/07/mongrel-mob-rehab-funding-likened-to-money-laundering-officers-angry-police-association.html)

Surely she jests! How does she keep a straight face – that was funnier than Mike King.

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