Five years in prison for conversion therapy?

Newshub reports:

Performing conversion practices intended to change or suppress someone’s sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression, could end in a five year prison sentence under a new law change. 

Conversion therapy is a harmful hoax. You can no more convert a gay man to heterosexuality than you could convert me to homosexuality. You don’t control whom you feel attracted to.

But is five years appropriate as a maximum sentence? Let’s compare that to other crimes.

  • Indecent communications with a young person under 16: 3 years
  • Indecent act on public place: 2 years
  • Injuring with intent: 5 years
  • Aggravated assault: 3 years
  • Assault on a child: 2 years
  • Poisoning with intent: 3 years
  • Assault with a weapon: 5 years

Five years seems rather too high.

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