Not a single fully vaccinated person in NZ has been hospitalised with Covid-19

Useful data from Newsroom.

  • 95.9% of those hospitalised with Covid were unvaccinated (as in not had one shot two weeks prior to infection)
  • 4.1% of those hospitalised had one shot, but not a second shot (two weeks or more prior to infection)
  • 0.0% of those hospitalised with Covid were fully vaccinated two weeks prior to infection

So if you get fully vaccinated and wait two weeks, then your chances of getting Covid-19 badly enough to hospitalise you is close to zero.

Also data from the UK shows that of the 50,000 deaths only 59 (0.1%) were of people fully vaccinated who didn’t have serious health conditions.

I can’t wait for my second jab later this month.

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