Why won’t the Govt have a full inquiry?

RNZ reports:

The government on Thursday announced a review covering three of his 10 years in New Zealand – the second period he spent in custody and since he was released.

It will look at the actions of police, Corrections and the SIS in their dealings with Samsudeen and its primary focus is the period leading up to his release in July and the seven weeks before the attack.

The scope of the inquiry specifically excludes immigration, decisions taken before his latest period in custody and the legislation which agencies operate under.

“The biggest piece of the jigsaw was completely left out,” said opposition immigration spokesperson Erica Stanford. “Immigration really is the key to finding out why this guy was still in New Zealand and why he wasn’t deported. And that is a big bit that’s missing.

It’s ridiculous to have an inquiry into just three of the agencies involved. There should be a full Commission of Inquiry headed by a retired judge to look into the terrorist attack.

These partial inquiries are inadequate.

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