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NewstalkZB reports:

An Auckland couple say incessant noise from their Kāinga Ora neighbour is destroying their lives, leaving them at breaking point with chronic insomnia and stress.

The offending property in Avondale’s Eastdale Rd has amassed a staggering 72 noise complaints to Auckland Council since the female tenant moved in in March.

Neighbours – some of whom have slept in their car to escape the racket – are pleading with authorities to act before the situation boils over.

72 complaints since March – so basically 10 complaints a month.

The couple could no longer stand the noise and planned to put their home on the market.

They felt Kāinga Ora should evict the woman “to restore peace” as she clearly had no regard for her neighbours or community.

Another neighbour said the constant noise was “pretty nasty”, sending jarring vibrations through his house.

He had also made repeated noise complaints but said nothing changed.

“You can’t sleep but everyone seems to have their hands tied.

“It’s really affected our mental health. You just feel like giving in sometimes.”

The neighbours are having their lives wrecked.

The council had been working with Kāinga Ora on the case and provided the agency with copies of noise reports.

Kāinga Ora regional director North and West Taina Jones said the Avondale situation had been challenging, particularly during level 3 and 4 lockdowns.

“Kāinga Ora has received numerous complaints regarding noise and has tried to encourage our customer to show more consideration for neighbours.”

Clients were “supported to be good neighbours, responsible, considerate and law-abiding”. Kāinga Ora could issue a breach of tenancy notice in extreme situations.

Here’s the problem. Housing NZ used to evict bad tenants. But under the new kindness regime they have been effectively told never to evict a tenant. This is great for the tenants, but terrible for neighbours who have no recourse.

Any private sector landlord would have evicted the tenants after the 5th or at least the 10th call out of noise control. But the Government is a terrible landlord for neighbours.

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