Some media breakthrough on the education system in NZ and great school examples.

Through great help from and many hours of processing I have been able to get a very good understanding on the statistics for school leavers from the 400+ NZ High Schools. Schools and other interested groups have been purchasing the set and the discussions we have been having are really hopeful for change.

Steve Kilgallon is a high-quality journalist (also the author of the great Jack Ralston’s biography) and has done a wonderful job in this article looking at schools that are doing great things and should be shining lights for our system to learn from.

Steve also did me a favour by using a photo of two years ago – before I went on a see-food diet! (Which I am now trying to reverse the effects of).

There are many more stories to be told through the data. Very happy to answer questions. The lack of both equity and excellence for many of our schools must be fixed.

Alwyn Poole

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