Home detention not enough

The Herald reported:

An attack on a lifeguard at Gore’s swimming pool has been described by the local council’s chief executive as the most disturbing episode he has seen in nearly 30 years of service in the local government sector.

McGregor Tioti Tume, 44, of Mataura, appeared in the Gore District Court this week and was sentenced to 10 and a half months’ home detention, to be served in Whanganui, with six months’ post-release conditions.

Tume admitted threatening to kill, impeding breathing or circulation, behaving threateningly and injuring with intent to injure after the incident on April 16.

A police summary of facts, read at an earlier court appearance, said the defendant was swimming at the Gore Aquatic Centre in a lane which had been booked.

The victim, who worked as a lifeguard, made multiple attempts to get Tume’s attention to shift into another lane.

After being unable to gain his attention she used a common technique and lightly touched Tume’s head to gain his attention.

He then climbed out of the pool and aggressively confronted the lifeguard before grabbing her and tackling her to the ground.

Tume dragged her into the leisure pool and submerged her head under the water for about seven seconds, using his weight to press her down.

As the victim was surprised by the attack she did not have time to hold her breath.

“At this point the victim felt that she was going to die,” the summary said.

This is a horrific attack. This man has, to put it mildly, serious anger issues. Dragging a staffer to a pool and forcing her head under is beyond cruel. It is brutal. I do not understand how he only gets home detention.

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