Good summary from Joyce

Steven Joyce writes:

There were more datapoints this week suggesting the public of and its Government are currently inhabiting different planets.

Going on the statements from the Beehive, are clearly focused on growing the public service, doling out a big slush fund, taking the long handle to the public’s preferred means of getting around, implementing co-governance of public assets, and pouring another massive dollop of borrowed cash into the hungry maw that is their giant new health bureaucracy.

The public, on the other hand, are dealing with a runaway cost of living, shrinking household budgets, rising mortgage rates, diminishing asset values, a surge in aggressive criminal activity, long queues at the local hospital, a declining education sector and the growing realisation that economic activity is being frustrated by an obstructionist political class.

Such an excellent summary of where things are.

The Prime Minister and the Finance Minister have made it quite clear that it is for everyone else to tighten their belts — not the Government.

The Government is increasing spending, running deficits and increasing debt, which leaves taxpayers having to fund it all, plus cope with 7% inflation.

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