Not even death threats will see NZ’s worst landlord evict you

Stuff reports:

But for the past month, 68-year-old Maria Barrett has kept herself locked inside her home, never tempted to leave a window or door unlocked.

She and other residents on the street have been shaken after a neighbouring tenant had drawn a knife, sworn and threatened to them.

At point any decent landlord with an ounce of common sense would evict the person threatening to your other tenants. But no this is Kainga Ora, whom Labour has instructed not to evict anyone ever.

“He spotted me sitting in the garage, and he said “what are you looking at you f…..g c…, ’ll stab you and all your family” and he was just going off, I just closed the garage.

was shaking…once he’s off you don’t know what’s going to happen.”

“It makes me feel really unsafe…why am afraid to stay in my own home,” said Barrett.

No-one should feel unsafe, let alone a 68 year old.

Residents in the neighbourhood have repeatedly called on landlord Kāinga Ora which manages the properties to remove the tenant and introduce tighter actions when screening tenants, but they say nothing has been done.

Kāinga Ora said they had 200,000 people living in their homes and the well-being of those residents was important to them.

No it isn’t. Actions speak louder than words.

In a statement they said complaints related incident had been made since November last year and they were working with police while introducing new measures that could result in the removal of tenants if they were disruptive.

Translation: We have spent six months doing nothing but talk.

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