They’ve done it again!

NZ’s worst landlord strikes once again. The Herald reports:

A state house tenant has been awarded $5000 after having to live next to a neighbour from hell had rowdy parties, was abusive and urinated on the fence.

The Auckland tenant took Kāinga Ora to the Tenancy Tribunal after lodging more than 130 complaints against the neighbour in three years.

The renter claimed Kāinga Ora was not taking reasonable steps to stop the neighbour from interfering with their peace and comfort.

The tenant had lived in their Kāinga Ora home and had been a resident at the property since 1998. But, in 2019, a new neighbour moved in.

The neighbour, was also a tenant of Kāinga Ora, would host loud parties, urinate on the tenant’s fence and let their dog defecate on the neighbouring property’s lawn.

They also had people living in their garage would shout abusive language and intimidate the neighbours.

So they had 21 years of peacefully living there and then the policy changed to no evictions, and they got a new neighbour from hell. They filed 130 complaints, and what did Kainga Ora do?

A spokesperson for Kāinga Ora responded, saying they had visited the neighbour, serving them with breach notices in 2019 and 2022.

Wow, two breach notices three years apart.

Yi said Kāinga Ora should have served notices to the neighbour.

He recognised the extensive breach of quiet enjoyment and ordered Kāinga Ora to pay $5000 in compensation to the tenant.

Kāinga Ora offered to relocate the complainant, but they declined.

So Kainga Ora’s response wasn’t to evict the neighbour making all the trouble, but to move out the law abiding tenants had lived there for 21 years!

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