Kiwibuild summed up

TVNZ reports:

New statistics have revealed the failure of to increase home ownership rates for Māori and New Zealanders.

Figures released to Q+A with Jack Tame under the Official Information show just 4.8% of buyers gave their ethnicity on their application forms are Māori, and 4.4% are Pasifika.

These figures are well below the ethnicity breakdown of the population, which is 16.5% Māori, and 8% Pasifika.

is no surprise. The same happened with their free tertiary fees policies which mainly benefited wealthy European families.

Basically shows that around 60 families have been helped by Kiwibuild, so this may have increased the Maori home ownership rate by 0.027%.

At the current rate of progress, the original target of 100,000 homes will be reached around the year 2300.

Not 2100, not 2200 but 2300!!!

They promised 100,000 homes in ten years and they are on track to deliver it in 283 years!

How long is 283 years? Well the time from 1739 to today.

Can you imagine some politician in 1739 promising something, and then you find out they won’t complete it until 2022!

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