Appointing an extremist to fight extremism!

Martyn Bradbury writes:

Ummmm, isn’t Professor Joanne Kidman the worst person to appoint to an extremism taskforce?

This academic research unit will advise the Government on how to clamp down on our free speech and restrict our civil liberties for the implementation of woke doctrine. It is half engineering and half Stasi.

There is still a push to create a national intelligence and security agency whose lidless eye will stare unblinkingly over the people to ‘save’ us.

Labour have been pushed back on their hate speech madness, but are still trying to find new ways to restrict free speech, meaning this new Extremist Research Academy  will have vast influence over very large powers, which brings to the problematic appointment of Professor Joanne Kidman.

The good professor was the one who called out and started the woke cancellation of Dress Maker Trelise Cooper for a dress called the ‘Trail of Tiers’ which Kidman argued was a play on the ‘Trial of Tears’, the genocidal forced march of 46,000 Native Americans between 1830 and 1850 by the States federal government.

Hands up who thinks for one second that Trelise bloody Cooper had any idea whatsoever what the Trail of Tears was or intended to culturally appropriate a genocidal forced march?

Kidman wanted Cooper cancelled for a dress, that’s her threshold for hate and extremism, a dress maker who had no idea of an indigenous atrocity.

That’s the person in charge of an Academy on Extremism? Someone who is triggered by a dress and who used their platform to start a woke Lynch mob?

Kidman is an angry intolerant tweeter. Having her in charge of deciding what is extremism, is an awful idea. Here are a couple of her tweets.

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