A Jacinda documentary that gets it wrong before they start!

Yahoo News reports:

Madison Wells will produce a documentary focusing on the public and private life of Jacinda Ardern, the trailblazing Prime Minister of New Zealand who helped introduce strict gun laws following the 2019 Christchurch mosque shootings. She also led her country through the Covid pandemic and grappled with issues such as child poverty and climate change.

She did grapple with them. A careful choice of words.

The feature-length film is currently untitled. It follows Ardern from the moment she receives the Labour Party nomination to the birth of her child to her resignation in 2023, when she was at the height of her power and popularity. 

This statements suggests the so called documentary will not be based in the real world.

Here is a chart I previously published on her popularity.

Hard for their statement to be more wrong. Ardern’s popularity peak was +72%. When she resigned from office it had plummeted to -1%.

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