A Kiwi success story

Radio NZ reports:

A science fair hot air balloon kit made by Mat from a coke can and a plastic bag is part of Zuru lore.

It was the first of their constructions, and they began making and selling more of them, eventually getting them into local shops.

In the early 2000s, Mat and Nick – dropping out of university where he was doing a law degree – decided to go all-in and moved to a remote part of Guangzhou, China, where they began manufacturing toys.

Anna followed a few years later. The siblings tell the story of doing it tough for several years – including sleeping under a table in the Hong Kong showroom – before they managed to get a break when Walmart took an interest.

100 years ago almost all the wealthy inherited their wealth. Today most billionaires become one through being entrepreneurs. They create something of value.

They now employ 5,000 staff and are trying to create an automated property construction factory for houses. I don’t begrudge them that they are worth $20 billion, I celebrate it. Their wealth is not at the expense of others – it is by providing things of value.

The left parties want to introduce an asset or wealth tax on anyone who gets too successful. Not content with taxing income, they want to redistribute assets also. But what do you think will happen if they ever succeed in NZ? I can tell you what – the Mowbrays will probably relocate somewhere and take all the income tax, company tax etc they pay with them.

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