Former Herald editor says Fair Digital New Bargaining Bill should be given a Viking funeral

Gavin Ellis writes:

The Fair Digital New Bargaining Bill should be placed on a figurative Viking funeral ship, pushed out into the water, and set on fire.

There are several reasons why the House should simply let the poor thing die in peace.

The first, and most obvious, is that similar legislation in Australia and Canada is not working. After a Married At First Sight honeymoon, the Australian system fell victim to Meta’s arrogant capriciousness. It simply refused to renew its commercial agreements with Australian news media. In Canada, it stopped carrying the country’s news altogether. What makes anyone think New Zealand would be treated more favourably?

Of course the same would happen here.

Overall, the bill’s many wounds and contusions are not survivable. It would be best to torch the remains and board another longship.

Hopefully the Government agrees.

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