Leave David Bain alone

As any long-term reader of this blog will know, I am no fan of David Bain. I am strongly in the “he did it” camp. However I was disappointed to read this article the Herald which:

  • Reveals his new name
  • Names his daughter
  • Reveals the town where he lives by
  • States his wife is a teacher at a nearby school

I think this is rather cruel (no not as cruel as killing your family but two wrongs don”t make a right). It was very appropriate to report on the murders 30 years on. I don’t even have a problem with the Herald door knocking him and asking for comment. There is journalistic value in that.

But what is the value in revealing his new name, especially knowing he changed it specifically after his former (new) name was published. This doesn’t just affect him, but his wife and kids.

His children may have friends who do not know their Dad is David Bain. Now everyone will know. His wife will now have everyone at her school knowing her as the wife of David Bain.

The Herald could have not revealed his new name. They could have stated he had a new name, without using it. That would have protected his family.

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