Surely this should get the maximum sentence?

The Herald reports on how Kayla Pawa was kidnapped and tortured by gang members who wanted to access her partner’s cryptocurrency stash. The details include:

  • held hostage for a month
  • tortured with a blowtorch, threatening to burn her eyeballs out
  • had the barrel of a gun put in her mouth
  • forced to sleep on an extremely cold bathroom floor
  • kept bound in the boot of a car
  • instructed to dig her own grave
  • threatened to cut her fingers off
  • hit her in the ribs with a baseball bat
  • multiple men used a hammer on her hands
  • refused to feed her for five days
  • held a meat cleaver to her shoulder
  • beating her unconscious
  • threats of amputating an entire limb

The maximum charge for kidnapping is 14 years but to be honest even that seems insufficient for what they did. The repeated tortures should result in a cumulative, not concurrent, sentence.

Sadly I suspect Harris will get less than ten years.

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