It’s cork counting time again

Long-time blog readers will know that DPF and friends enjoy the odd bottle of red wine at our regular gatherings at the Cork King’s house.  And every year on 10 February, we try to guess how many bottles we have drunk.

The trend over the past few years has been clear:

  • 2003 – 325
  • 2004 – 393
  • 2005 – 392
  • 2006 – 456
  • 2007 – 496

So will we make 500 for the year to 10 Feb 2008?  Let’s look at the photo?


Now just to make it harder the number of stelvins is increasing, making it harder to estimate.  In 2006 there were 81 stelvins making up 18% of the total. In 2007 there were 109 stelvins, making up 22% of the total. 2008 looks to have a hell of a lot of stelvins.  Generally they take up less room, so I think it is definitely over 500.


For historical comparison purposes,  here are the corks from the first three years.  Over six years that has been over 2,500 bottles of wine drunk 🙂

As usual, make your guesses below.