Kiwiblog’s 5th birthday

is five years old today. Contrary to what many may think I was not one of the early bloggers. I got into it six to twelve months after it started to get relatively popular. My inspiration was the now dead NZ Pundit, which I got addicted to reading every day.

One day I decided to give it a go myself and Gordon K kindly set me up on his server alongside NZ Pundit.

It has been somewhat weird that in five years it is now the activity I am most associated with, when it is in fact still just my hobby.

So what are the stats for the last five years:

  • 10,702 posts
  • 1,424 unique tags
  • 2,972 registered commenters
  • Approx 9,500,000 visits
  • Over 2.5 TB of data downloaded

Kiwiblog should hit visitor number 10 million in September!

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