PM has not read report!

This is amazing. Rodney Hide has just questioned on whether she is happy with the $40,000 donation to Peters from a donor through the . Peters tried to block it half a dozen times but he finally got to ask it.

Clark’s response was she has not seen the wiring diagram from the that was in the report.

So the PM has not even bothered to read the report. This takes her hear no evil, see no evil to new levels. That $40,000 strikes cast grave doubt on the integrity of decision making around the racing portfolio and the PM declares she hasn’t even looked at the evidence.

I mean seriously just when you think the standards can not drop any lower, they do.

So Helen Clark has cleared Winston Peters from any wrong doing, and she did it without even needing to read the report of the Privileges Committee. She will presumably be voting against the report – also without reading it.

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