Harden up

Both Tane and Irish Bill at are aghast that Russel Norman has criticised the candidate for Mt Albert as not progressive enough.

I’ve got just four words for them – Harden the fuck up.

Oh my God – how dare the criticise Labour’s candidate. This can not be allowed.

Try being a National supporter. ACT has sniped at National and National candidates for years. Hell Rodney called John Key as more left wing than John Key Helen Clark on some issues. ACT have called National Labour-lite for months on end. They said vote National and you get Labour’s policies.

Do we cry like little pussies because our coalition partner has a swipe at us, and tries to establish their own brand. No we don’t. We understand smaller parties need to do these things.

ACT tried to win Jim Bolger’s seat off National in 1998. Did we sob how unfair it was? No we just got on with the job. ACT came bloody close also.

Russel Norman is going to try and win Mt Albert. No -he is not going to try and just build profile – he is going to try and win it. The Greens rationale is they need the seat more than Labour does.  So get used to it.

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