Cooking up a storm in Kuwait blogging

Famous in , a chap named Mark, main author of the popular , is being byJapanese chain restaurant  for giving a bad review of the food.

The offending blog post ( appears incredibly mild in comparison to what might be found in New Zealand (isn’t that right, WhaleOil?) –  he even praises the staff.  Reading through the comments, you’ll find fake posts lauding the restaurant, followed eventually by threats from the restaurant manager, one Mike Servo, including the bizarre and seemingly racist query “BTW, are you Lebanese?” (which, incidentally, Mark is).

Mark’s lawyer has advised it will take two years for a court decision, but it seems to me that’s an optimistic opinion.  I’m curious as to how things will go from a second point of view also – Kuwait’s legal system is a bit behind the times and will not  admit emails as evidence, so I’m wondering how they will deal with the admissibility of blog posts and comments.

It’s well known in Kuwait that you want to avoid publically critising the State, but since when did we have to keep quiet about a bad meal?  Even the attempt to sue sets a disturbing precedent, but it’s fantastic to see just how much support Mark has received from both blogs and mainstream media.

Friends who dine at my house, watch out!