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Stuff reports:

Newly appointed parliamentary leader of the Party, John Boscawen, has found himself a new press secretary. , a founding member and inaugural leader of the Libertarianz political party, was introduced late last week to the press gallery as Mr Boscawen’s new media man. Mr Perigo has been noted for his colourful language – he famously denounced TVNZ as “brain dead” when he quit the state broadcaster in 1993, and has variously referred to “infanto-Nazis”, “Bolshevik bulls..t” and “bludge-scum”. His latest media role was at TV channel Stratos.

I must say that I never thought Lindsay would end up as a press secretary for ACT. No doubt his decision is linked to the change of leadership – he has a very high regard for Don Brash.

His language is indeed colourful. I’m wondering whether iPredict should do a market on which press gallery member is first to be called a moron by Lindsay 🙂

Lindsay blogs about his decision at SOLO:

Perigo! followers will also have noted the empathy between Don Brash and me, even though I’m a 1000% libertarian and he’s about a 65% one. In our present crisis, 65% will do me. Quite simply, I believe his becoming Act leader has brought a glimmer of hope to New Zealand’s economic and political landscape, which otherwise was unfailingly bleak. I believe that, in these parlous, debt-ridden, Political Correctness-infested circumstances, everyone—including members of Libertarianz—concerned about stopping the rot and initiating a meaningful restart toward freedom and prosperity, should get in behind—on a suck-it-and-see basis, letting Don know that if he doesn’t really try to deliver, or becomes captive to those notorious forces within Act alien to freedom and prosperity, then we’ll all be out of there before you can say “Epsom.” I say this as someone who has fought the conservatives and compulsionists within Act tooth and nail since its inception and delivered Libz, as leader, its highest party vote (by a factor of 600%) since its inception.

Lindsay is indeed 1000% libertarian. I’m glad he doesn’t now regard anything less than 100% as a mortal crime 🙂

His comment on Epsom is interesting. It could be a barb at Rodney, or a barb at John Banks. I honestly am unsure.

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